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Attention Promiseland Curriculum Subscribers ...

We would like to invite you to participate in a PromiselandOnline newsgroup via Yahoo!

.. a great opportunity to join an electronic environment for childrens ministry leaders to share ideas and encouragement. The group was established less than a year ago and we currently have over 225 members. Discussion topics have included "Leadership Development" , "Facility Suggestions", "Activity Station Ideas", "Preschool Curriculum" etc .

To join, simply complete the Promiseland NewsGroup registration form.

What's in a name?

At PromiselandOnline we deeply desire to create an online community for those of us sold out to the cause of building childrens' ministries that will truly prevail in today's world.

So many of you have moved far beyond "Sunday School" to give your ministry a name that captures the vision God has given YOU to reach the children in your church.

We're compiling a list of childrens' ministry names, publishing it Online, and hoping to bring about inspiration, encouragement, and the opportunity to pray for each other as we give God our best to reach children in all parts of the WORLD.

Check out The List