Team-Led, Gift-based Approach to Ministry

The Promiseland Curriculum is developed with an assumption that the children's ministry staff and volunteers are working as a TEAM and are placed in roles that allow them to use their God-given gifts and abilities.

This is a simple definition of a "gift-based" ministry.

Placing volunteers in their areas of giftedness is vitally important to maintaining a positive, effective ministry. If volunteers do not have a passion for the area in which they serve, their responsibilities will become burdensome rather than joyful.

The Promiseland Curriculum is designed to maximize learning for children while funneling the energy of volunteers into areas in which they have skills and passion.

Since the staff and volunteers serve in their unique areas of giftedness, the children's ministry becomes team based. No one person carries the whole program. Leaders are free to fully lead, administrators can administrate, teachers can teach, shepherds can build relationships, helpers can assist, etc. When the whole team serves together, all the needs are met.

This naturally leads to community and care, not just for the children, but for one another. Through the team approach, a vivid example of how the body of Christ works is provided for the children.

Often in ministry people jump into whatever help is needed at their church rather than find a place to serve that fits how God wired them up. Promiseland's approach is to look at each team member's giftedness and place him or her accordingly. Rather than ask, "Lord, what would you have me do?" we ask, "Lord, what have you created me to do?"

It is vitally important that team members know and understand their God-given gifts. Make training available to your volunteers so they can serve with confidence in the specific area God has called them. When believers are functioning out of their God-given gifts, they will experience joy, feel energized, and know God is real, active and at work in them.

(A key resource for helping people discover their spiritual gift is The Network Course. For more information on Network, call 800-570-9812.)
Key Bible passages referring to spiritual gifts are Romans 12; I Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4 and I Peter 4.

There are two options for staffing your children's ministry in order to build a "gift-based" ministry and to increase the effectiveness of the Promiseland Curricululm. More ...