Option 1
An Executive Director gives leadership to the children's ministry with a team of Age-level Directors.

The Age-level Directors give leadership to individuals giving oversight to the three key areas of the ministry:

Operations, Large Group Program, and Small Groups.

If choosing to use this structure, it is important to find Age-level Directors who can lead the various personalities that are represented in Operations (highly administrative), Large Group Program (highly creative), and Small Groups (highly relational).

In this organization, the Operations Coordinator, Large Group Producer, and the Small Group Coach would develop a team of volunteers to serve with them.

Executive Director
The Executive Director must be a sincere believer to whom God has given the spiritual gift of leadership.
This person provides overall leadership for the children's ministry in the following ways:

  • casting the vision for the program to church leaders and the congregation and acquiring needed approvals to
    launch the program
  • motivating, mentoring and encouraging the Directors
  • communicating vision and values to all volunteers
  • overseeing the budget
  • leading the training sessions for all volunteers

    Age-level Grade Director
    The Age-level Director must be a sincere believer to whom God has given the spiritual gift of leadership.
    This person provides leadership for the Kindergarten/1st Grade, 2nd/3rd Grade, OR 4th/5th Grade ministry in the following ways:

  • recruiting volunteers and placing them according to their spiritual gifts
  • connecting with families and kids to build excitement for the children's ministry
  • motivating, mentoring, and encouraging the Operations Coordinator, Large Group Producer and Small Group Coach
  • building enthusiasm for the salvation presentation
  • being present and available to troubleshoot, encourage, and cheerlead during the ministry hour

    Operations Coordinator
    The Operations Coordinator must be a sincere believer to whom God has given the spiritual gifts of administration and helps.
    The Operations Coordinator is responsible for the teams who help in registration, security, administration/supplies, and Activity Stations.
    This person needs to be able to juggle details relating to people and tasks and offer assistance where needed.

    This person supports the program by making sure that the various operations teams take care of the following items:

    Helping to manage weekly administrative duties which includes:

  • overseeing the placement of any signage that's needed to be put up for the weekend
    children's ministry
  • coordinating the use of space for Activity Stations, Large Group and Small Group times
  • coordinating registration/ check-in for each week
  • coordinating volunteers needed for each week Being the point person for the Activity Stations:
  • coordinating the volunteers to create a fun atmosphere throughout the Activity Stations area
  • scheduling which activities will be used each week
  • acquiring materials needed for each activity
  • coordinating volunteers to create and set up the activities
  • coordinating volunteers to take down and store the activities if needed
  • contacting and scheduling any special activities (face painting, juggling, etc.).

    Large Group Producer
    The Large Group Producer is a sincere believer to whom God has given the spiritual gifts of teaching and creative communication.
    He or she is comfortable in an up-front role, energetic, and able to lead a large group of children.
    The Large Group Producer develops a team of volunteers who:

  • teach the Bible creatively to the children
  • present live-action or video-taped dramas
  • lead the songs presented in the curriculum
  • review biblical principles with games and scripts presented in the program curriculum
  • introduce and teach the key Bible verse for the lesson
  • work with the Administrator to acquire materials and teaching props needed each week for the Large Group Program

    Small Group Coordinator
    The Small Group Coordinator is a sincere believer to whom God has given the spiritual gift of shepherding and leadership.
    This leader is responsible for the following:

  • shepherding the adult Small Group Leaders
  • recruiting new Small Group Leaders
  • placing children in Small Groups
  • working with the Administrator to acquire materials needed each week for Small Group Leaders

    Option 2




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