Check out these websites for a variety of resources you can use to enhance your presentation of the Metamorphosis Curriculum!


A great source for bug kites that can be used for the Theatre Off the Ground Large Group presentation option in Lesson 3.


A good source for bug-related Team Time and Activity Stations supplies.


A good source for Activity Stations supplies.


A great source for bug-related activities and supplies for Activity Stations and Team Time.


A site that carries many things bug-related: butterfly kites, bug eyewear and wings, bug puppets, and many supplies for Activity Stations.


A good source for Activity Stations supplies.


The place to purchase inexpensive magic tricks to use for your M-box in the Large Group Programs. Suggestions include the Money Maker, Magic Coin Box, Popcorn Dye Box, and Lippincott Box.


The website for Oriental Trading Company, Inc. features a variety of supplies for Activity Stations and Team Time.


A good source for Activity Stations supplies from S&S Education.


A great source for Activity Stations and Team Time supplies.


These books can be a great help as you begin to develop a group of drama volunteers.

Drama Ministry

Practical help for making drama a vital part of your church

By Steve Pederson
Willow Creek Resources
Zondervan Publishing House, 1999

Written by the director of Willow Creek's drama ministry, this book offers valuable information on drama directing, as well as ideas on how to assemble and maintain an adult drama team. It includes an instructional CD-ROM.

Please note: The following secular resources may contain language or ideas that are not God honoring, and may sometimes be offensive to some. However, these books are excellent resources on drama. You may be able to borrow the books from your local library, or purchase them online (at, for example) or at a local popular bookstore in the Theatre/Acting section.

"A Sense of Direction - Some Observations on the Art of Directing"
By William Ball
Drama Book Publishers, 1984

This book provides excellent information on the entire director's process "from first reading through opening night."

"Acting is Believing"
By Charles McGaw Holt,
Rinehart and Winston, 1975

The focus of this actor's textbook is actor training. The author is associated with The Goodman School of Drama, a reputable acting school in the U.S. It includes good information and practical exercises for beginning to experienced actors. The Glossary of Drama Terms found in Chapter 13 is invaluable to ensure all your actors are speaking the same language. Chapter 14: Rehearsing the Play, gives the director specific ideas of what to do at a rehearsal.

"Kids Take the Stage - Helping Young People Discover the Creative Outlet of Theater"
By Lenka Peterson and Dan O'Connor Back Stage Books, 1997

This book includes great ideas to help you bring the craft of acting to a young actor's understanding.

"Audition - Everything an actor needs to know to get the part"
By Michael Shurtleff Walker and Co., 1984, 1978

Written for the actor, this book features a purely secular view. The second chapter entitled "The Twelve Guideposts" has invaluable information. The book is "practical, straightforward and has plenty of no-nonsense advice" about acting.



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