Dear Promiseland Parents,

This week in New Community, Nancy Beach, one of our teaching pastors, addressed important points to remember
as we help our children process the tragedy of this past week.

* Stay calm as you are answering questions. Don't be reactive.

* Choose your words carefully as you keep in mind where your child is developmentally.

* Focus on God's truths in order to give hope.

* When you don't know an answer say, "I don't know".

* Pray together as a family.

* Remember this is a lengthy process and it will take time.

The Promiseland leadership and staff came together to pray and think through how to respond to our children's
questions about what has happened to our nation and our families in a biblically and developmentally appropriate way.
We know that our children have been exposed to this situation at all different levels, and that each child is processing this
information uniquely. We have decided to reinforce biblical truths without going into any details of who, what or why
these kinds of things happen in our world. Specifically this weekend, we will focus on the following biblical truths.

* Infants - Three's: We will be available to comfort and listen.

* 4's/5's - We will emphasis that Jesus loves the little children.

* Kindergarten/First - We will emphasize that even when things are hard, we can choose to obey God.

* Second/Third Grade - We will emphasize that we can trust and obey God even when we don't understand.

* Fourth/Fifth - We will emphasize that God is in control, so we can trust Him even when unfair things happen.

This weekend and throughout the year we will reinforce the truths that God is always with us, that no matter what happens
in our lives God is unwavering, in control and knows everything. We are praying for you in your role as parents.
We know that God will give you the wisdom to know how to listen and respond to your child as you take into account
their age and temperament. We are here to support you.