Promiseland Conference
March 2000

Conference audio tapes can be ordered through WillowNet or by calling (800) 570-9812

Catalog Number
PLC0001 Becoming A Prevailing Leader Dan Webster
PLC0002 Build To Prevail Sue Miller
PLC0003 Values To Build On Sue Miller
PLC0004 What Every Volunteer Needs Bill Hybels
PLC0005 Promiseland In Action Promiseland Team
PLC0006 Abide And Abound John Ortberg

PLC0057 A Day In The Life of A Promiseland Preschooler PDF Handout
PLC0075 Behaviors That Bug PDF Handout
PLC0046 Behind the Scenes at Promiseland PDF Handout
PLC0052 Building Community With A Team of Volunteers PDF Handout
PLC0058 Developing a Drama Team PDF Handout
PLC0060 Developing an Effective Early Childhood Ministry PDF Handout
PLC0065 Directing a Drama Sketch PDF Handout
PLC0061 Discover Your Spiritual Gifts PDF Handout
PLC0033 Ways to Teach the Bible Creatively to 30 Kids or Less PDF Handout
PLC0063 How A Small Group Leader Can Impact Families PDF Handout
PLC0042 Implementing a Child Protection Plan PDF Handout
  Application For Workers In Youth Ministry PDF Handout
PLC0053 Intentionally Shepherding Children PDF Handout
PLC0062 Leading Children To Christ PDF Handout
PLC0073 Ministries Under Construction PDF Handout
PLC0027 Music 'N Motions PDF Handout
PLC0068 Next Steps in Music PDF Handout
PLC0069 Recruiting Strategies PDF Handout
PLC0056 Shepherding and Developing Leaders One On One PDF Handout
PLC0024 Shepherding Children With Special Needs  
PLC0059 Shepherding Infants and Their Families PDF Handout
PLC0067 Small Group Time For Preschoolers PDF Handout
PLC0064 Teaching the Bible Creatively to Preschoolers PDF Handout
PLC0071 Teaching Toddlers PDF Handout
PLC0051 The Overload Syndrome PDF Handout
PLC0050 Top 10 Questions to Ask Every New Recruit PDF Handout
PLC0055 Unveiling the Promiseland Curriculum PDF Handout
PLC0074 Walking Volunteers Through The Change Process PDF Handout

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