... a 10-week Promiseland Curriculum kit for
Kindergarten - Grade 5.

a relevant, child-targeted, life-changing, bible-based childrens ministry resource!

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Live The Adventure carves your meeting place into three zones -- each humming with activity.

Rotating in groups, kids visit each zone's special brand of dynamic learning.

The "Ton of Fun Zone" features games and icebreakers.
The "Show and Know Zone" provides creative Bible teaching, drama, and music.
The "Grow and Go Zone" leads kids in discussion to apply what they've learned.

The Live The Adventure Curriculum kit includes:

Directors Guidebook -- everything you need to lead.
Administrators Guidebook -- plan ahead tips for organizing.
"Ton of Fun Zone" Leaders Guidebook -- blueprints for super activity stations.
"Show and Know Zone" Leaders Guidebook -- Bible stories, scripts, music ideas.
"Grow and Go Zone" Leaders Guidebooks -- ready-to-use discussions and applications.
Original Music CD -- sing-along tracks kids will love.
Drama Videocassette --- Joseph's adventure ... ready for your VCR.