Grade 2/Grade 3

Fall Quarter

Lesson #1

This is the first week of the year—be excited and enjoy it! Have the Large Group Teacher introduce and talk about him/herself for a few
minutes before starting the lesson.

This lesson calls for nine Clue Boxes. You can enhance your lesson by painting the boxes or covering them with brightly colored paper.

In this unit, Small Groups play the Get A Clue! Game. Three game packets are included in the kit, so if you have more than three
Small Groups, you can order more packets by calling the Willow Creek Association at 1-800-570-9812.

Your first day won’t be perfect! Take pictures and/or video so you have it for evaluating, decorating, and vision-casting.

Lesson #2

Large Group Teachers, you will use detective gear once again this week. You can find these items at costume shops or toy stores.
Take care to gather and then store the detective items carefully so they are available each week. It will save you time and money!

When the Get a Clue! unit was done at Willow Creek Community Church, kids loved the “Get it! (Got it!) Good!” routine.
Large Group Teachers, evaluate how it worked with your group during Lesson 1.
If it didn’t work well at your church, think of another phrase to keep kids’ attention for the rest of this unit.

Small Group Leaders, you end group this week by asking the kids, “What is your biggest challenge in this coming week?”
Jot down their answers so you can follow up next week.

Small Group Leaders, bring in treats the first few weeks to help build group unity.
If you are the “purple team,” for instance, bring a purple balloon for each child in your group.

Lesson #3

Large Group Teachers, this week you will use a large bulletin board to create a Clue Board. Spend the time and effort to make the board
both neat and interesting. Use a computer or stencils to make the letters, or find someone with neat handwriting to create the letters for you.

Small Group Leader, be aware that the Lesson 3 Get a Clue! Game is played differently than in Lessons 1 and 2.
The group works together to come up with correct answers. All kids move their game pieces to the same locations at the same time.

Small Group Leaders, continue to allow your kids to get to know one another.
Review names and schools. Talk about families and hobbies.
Leave time at the end of your session for kids to visit with one another.

Director, free yourself for the program hour. Stand back, evaluate, and gauge responses from kids and volunteers.
Delegate and resist the temptation to do more.

Lesson #4

To enhance the Large Group teaching time, make the Clue Bags out of brightly-colored gift bags. Use bags of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Large Group teaching time calls for several small props. If you don’t have some of the props, don’t worry!
You can use other props to symbolize the same things. For example, if you don’t have an alarm clock to symbolize the passing
of time, you could use a watch or toy clock from your church nursery. Think about ways to use items you have on hand.

Small Group Leaders, if you are adapting this curriculum for younger children, read the Location Cards aloud to them.
You might want to change some of the promises on the Location Cards to make them more age-appropriate.

Create a prayer team for your ministry. Or, create a monthly prayer calendar and pass it out to your congregation.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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