Grade 2/Grade 3

Fall Quarter

Lesson #7 The Big Gift: Salvation

This week is your salvation lesson! Pray for the kids who will hear this message.
Pray for the teacher who will be presenting. Pray for the other churches who are doing this curriculum as well.

Work hard on this week's props to make them extra special. Really try to create a party atmosphere during
music time-have helium balloons and confetti. You may want to provide treats for the kids to take home with
them after music time.

Small Group Leaders, keep your stories appropriate for the 2nd and 3rd grade age groups. If you share too many
"lurid" details, the kids will become fixed on these, and will lose the purpose of your story.

When planning Activity Stations, have no weapons or anything that could be used as a weapon. Don't use anything that needs
batteries and avoid toys that kids play with in school, such as red rubber balls.

Lesson #8 Big Thanks: Crossing The Jordan

Several props are needed for the Large Group Program today. Remember, all props are negotiable.
Use props you have on hand. If you are just building your ministry and you have absolutely nothing you can use,
simply make name signs for Joshua and the spies, and hang them around the kids' necks.

Large Group Teachers, open the program by reminding the kids of the commitment they made last week to follow God.
Tell them that if they have further questions, they can always talk to their Small Group Leader.

Administrators and Small Group Leaders, write on a rock with the pens you have chosen before Small Group time.

Small Group Leaders, have fun with this activity! Allow your group to build community, as they share things for
which they are thankful. Let their thoughts run wild, and remind them of unusual things to be thankful for,
such as tires on our cars, or the water than runs out of our faucets.

When you are making a programming decision, think about what the oldest boys would like or dislike. If they like it, everyone else
will like it as well.

Lesson #9 Samuel and Eli

Lesson 9 is the beginning of a new unit entitled, "Tell Me A Story."
Each Large Group Teaching time is presented in the form of a storytelling drama, driven by a narrator.
Lessons 9 and 10 will take much preparation and planning in order to perform the dramas.
However, Lessons 11-13 are all presented on video, so your Large Group team will get a 3-week break!

As you prepare the Lessons 9 and 10 dramas, look at the video included in this kit for staging and costume ideas.

Reserve a TV/VCR so you have it for Lessons 10-13.

This Small Group Lesson asks that kids look up Bible verses. Your kids might need some instruction on how to do that.
It is best to point them to the Table of Contents at the front of the Bible, and explain that in the book, the big numbers
are chapters and the little numbers are verses. Help them and be patient as they look up verses.

Small Group Leaders, you may want kids to spread out as they write their DATA letters to God, so they have privacy.

Make staff and volunteer meetings fun! Go camping, have a barbecue, or host a holiday party.

Lesson #10 David's Heart

Large Group Teachers, this lesson is your final labor-intense lessons of this Fall Quarter.
Give this lesson your very best, because the next three weeks are all presented on video!

Making a cave sounds crazy, as well as impossible! Use materials you have on hand to make it work.
You might just pitch a pup tent and cover it with brown fabric. Remember that the characters don't need to go into the
cave, so you really only need an entrance.

Meet your drama participants early on Sunday morning so you can run through the drama one last time before the kids arrive.

Small Group Leaders, this week's game will work well for the kids in your group who are bodily-kinesthetic learners.
As you play, encourage the kids to think of right responses to some of the attitudes.

Kathy Lemmon from has provided these Heart Skip and Jump Cards for the game.
Just copy them on card stock paper and cut them out. Thanks Kathy!

Leaders, appreciate and affirm your volunteers. Volunteers, appreciate and affirm your leaders.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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