Grade 4/Grade 5

Fall Quarter

Lesson #1

Large Group Teachers, rehearse beforehand with your radio readers and work with the Sound Effects Coordinator to achieve
smooth timing! This will keep the excitement level!

Large Group Teachers, check out the Internet to find popular songs with the word heart in them.
Also, ask 4/5 grade kids for song ideas! They are the best resource for telling you popular songs.

Small Group Leaders, a great way to build relationships with your kids is to greet their parents and show a desire to meet
their families when the kids arrive and when they are picked up.

Your first day won’t be perfect! Take pictures and/or video so you have it for evaluating.

Lesson #2

Administrators, hooking the CD player up to the speaker system in your church will allow the kids to hear the sound effects louder
and more clearly.

Large Group Teachers, here is a great opportunity to get to know your kids’ interests:
Expand the Large Group Pre-Teach by asking kids what they are involved in–what things they do or like that are really important to them.

Small Group Leaders, during the Small Group activity in which kids rate what they value, you might share what you value
most as well so kids can get to know you.

Small Group Leaders, bring in treats the first few weeks to help build group unity.
If you are the “purple team,” for instance, bring a purple balloon for each child in your group.

Lesson #3

Administrators, the Situation Cards (pages 25-26 in Administrators Guidebook) and the Trust Cards (pages 27-28) will not copy
the way they are intended. To easily correct the problem ...

Photocopy pages 25 and 27
Cut pages 26 and 28 along the vertical line and flip them so the 1,3,5 column is on the right and 2,4,6 on the left.
Tape them together to make a new page
Use these pages as templates.

Large Group Teachers, a wonderful way to build confidence in the student reader is to rehearse with him/her ahead of time
while giving great words of encouragement and stressing the impact of his/her contribution.

Small Group Leaders, safety is such an important part of being a part of a Small Group.
Helping the kids to be safe and trustworthy as guides during the Trust Walk will reassure them they can trust one another.

Directors, free yourself for the program hour. Stand back, evaluate, and gauge responses from kids and volunteers.
Delegate, and resist the temptation to do more.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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