Grade 4/Grade 5

Fall Quarter

Lesson #4 -- Listen Up! Moses and the Burning Bush

This is the first week for which a Large Group drama is provided for you on video. The Large Group dramas for Lessons 5 and 6
are also on video. Be sure to think through any necessary changes that need to be made to your room set-up and acquire or reserve the
video equipment you need in advance.

Administrators, a great way to highlight the teaching points props is to make them colorful. If you use signs, you might invite kids to come up
front and hold them up. If available, you can creatively portray them on PowerPoint® or an overhead transparency.

Small Group Leaders, a way to get the kids thinking about how God can and has used them is for you to share a situation when God has used you in
the past and will use you in the future.

Create a prayer team for your ministry. Or, create a monthly prayer calendar and pass it out to your congregation.

Lesson #5 -- Be Bold! Moses, Pharoah, and the 10 Plagues

Large Group Teachers, the video of the drama portrays a powerful and serious tone. This is to your advantage! As the kids are captured by the
drama, you can use your voice, facial expressions, and non-verbals to challenge them to be bold.

Small Group Leaders, during the Power Boost! Game when kids encounter challenge cards, encourage and build confidence in them
by saying, "Great answer," when they come up with an answer the group votes for or, "That was a good idea- great try," when the group
does not vote for it.

Administrators, this week you will be photocopying and cutting out the Power Play Cards and Challenge Cards, which are in the
Administrator's Guidebook. You may want to use brightly colored cardstock paper to make the cards look neat!

Check the Frequently Asked Questions section of PromiselandOnline for tips on photocopying cards.

Report back to your congregation about a month after you've started. Cast the vision again. Share a story, thank people, show a video,
and/or share your statistics.

Lesson #6 -- Passover: God Delivers!

The song "Promises" is not on the It All Fits Together CD. A song we suggest in replacement of it is "It All Fits Together."
The kids will be familiar with this song, as it is used in previous lessons. You might even hear kids singing it outside the lesson hour!

Administrators, if you decide to do the drama live instead of playing the video, the following is a recipe for "blood" to spread on your
doorpost prop. This made enough for us to use it for four services. It washes off for the most part, but does stain the wood slightly each
time you use it.
2 bottles of clear Karo syrup, 2 large bottles of red food coloring

Small Group Leaders, keep safety in mind when kids are doing obstacles. Spread the kids apart in the room and encourage them that being safe
and respecting others are important.

Decide on how the kids will address Teachers and Small Group Leaders, and be consistent and age-appropriate. (Miss Lori, Mrs. Smith, Lori, etc.)

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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