Kindergarten/Grade 1

Fall Quarter

Lesson #11 -- Daniel Won't Take It Lion Down

Large Group Teachers, for the lines Daniel will read from the Bible, consider using a children's Bible or photocopying the
script and taping it into a Bible.

Large Group Teachers, in this week's teaching time, Daniel is intended to be an older man reflecting back on his experience
of being put into the lions' den. If you have difficulty finding a male actor to be Daniel, consider using a female actor instead.
With a beard and a hat, and a little shakiness in her voice, she'll make a great Daniel.

Small Group Leaders, at the end of your Small Group Time, if appropriate, consider praying specifically for each child
in your group. During the game, listen to the kids' responses to the questions and pray for them accordingly.

Small Group Leaders, continue to build community in your Small Groups. If you haven't done so already, consider
developing a group name, color, or handshake.

Lesson #12 -- Nehemiah and The Wall

Large Group Teachers, the Post-Teach of this week's lesson gives you a chance to honor some of your team members
and the work they do for the kids in your ministry. Be sure to think through what you'll say during this section, so your
volunteers will feel appreciated and encouraged.

Administrators, although the Small Group activity supply list calls for red, brown, and orange crayons
(to make the stickers look like bricks), other colors will work just as well. Use whatever colors you have on hand and
communicate any changes to the Small Group Leaders.

Small Group Leaders, on the activity sheet there are nine full-sized bricks for the kids to stick their nine stickers onto, but there
are ten questions given for you to ask the kids. Combine two of the questions or simply have kids color in the half bricks for
the tenth question.

To develop excellence in your ministry, try to master a few things at a time rather than everything all at once.
Do one thing well and work on others one at a time. For example, if you've never led a Small Group before, first learn to
facilitate the Small Group activities in your group. After that, you can work on shepherding and community building.

Lesson #13--Looking At The Pieces Review

You made it! It's the final lesson of the Fall Quarter of Looking at the Pieces.
This review lesson is intended to be your "big finish" for the quarter, so be sure to have fun with it!
Decide ahead of time which Clue Display Prop you will use so it will be ready to go.
This same prop will be used in all three of the review lessons of this year's curriculum.

There are a variety of props and sound effects called for in the Large Group Program.
Adapt the props as necessary and use what you have on hand. Also, keep in mind that sound effects can be as simple as
singing part of a song, blowing a whistle, or ringing a bell-they need not be complicated to be effective.

Small Group Leaders, be sure to celebrate with the children all they have learned this quarter and let them know you're
enjoying being their Small Group Leader. At the end of your time together, if you'll be using the Winter Quarter
of Looking at the Pieces, invite the kids back next week to hear one of the very best parts of God's great story to us.

There are nuggets of gold in the things your church has done in the past.
Honor your history and learn from it as you use the Promiseland Curriculum.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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