Kindergarten/Grade 1

Fall Quarter

Lesson #7 -- Trekking Through Turf & Surf

Congratulations! You're more than halfway through the Fall Quarter of Looking at the Pieces.
This is a great time to take a look at the effectiveness of your Activity Stations.
Make any necessary changes and keep a record of what you learn for future reference.
Use the following questions to get you started.
Are the children having fun?
Are all the activities of interest to at least some of the kids?
Does anything need to be repaired or replaced?
Are you running low on any craft supplies?

When planning Activity Stations, have no weapons or anything that could be used as a weapon.
Don't use anything that needs batteries, and be creative-avoid toys that kids play with in school..

Large Group Teachers, give some thought to the look of your Large Group area-could it use a little excitement?
How about adding some decorations or props related to the week's lesson?
Watch the Lesson 7 drama on video and then decorate your room accordingly-bring in some sand,
some water, a picture of a blazing fire, a staff, or even a tent.

Small Group Leaders, the "Turf & Surf" Gameboard is made to represent the parted Red Sea.
It should be folded up and out on both sides, so the dry ground is on the bottom and the water is on the sides.
Before you begin playing, be sure your gameboard is folded correctly, and explain its interesting shape to the kids.

Lesson #8 -- Manna In The Wilderness

Remember that the Promiseland curriculum is a tool designed to help you reach kids. You should feel free to
make any changes you think will help you best serve your kids and fit the capacities of your team.
For example, this week's lesson calls for a narrator and two women actors. If you don't have two women actors,
use two men or a man and a woman, and adjust the names and some of the lines as necessary.

Large Group Teachers, this week's lesson calls for using two sound effects: people grumbling and running water.
While they are not absolutely necessary, sound effects will enhance your presentation of the lesson.
Your local library may have sound effects CDs available, or you can record your own onto a cassette tape.

Small Group Leaders, during this week's Kid Connection you will make a list with your kids of things people
need to stay alive. Be sure to leave a few minutes at the end of your Small Group Time to review this list with
your kids and have them distinguish between needs and wants. This exercise is a great way to reinforce the lesson.

When you are making a programming decision, think about what the oldest boys would like or dislike.
If they like the idea, it is likely everyone else will like it as well.

Lesson #9 --Joshua Obeys, The Wall Falls

Wow! You're beginning the final unit of the Fall Quarter! This unit gives children a chance to meet people in the
Bible who obeyed God. Recruit people to play the Bible characters well enough in advance that they will have
adequate time to prepare.

Large Group Teachers, this lesson will give all your kids an opportunity to participate in the story.
Though more logistically complicated than having them all remain seated, having the kids march around the wall of
Jericho as soldiers, priests, and trumpeters, will make this story something they won't soon forget.

Small Group Leaders, if children are quick to answer the situations in the game, consider stretching their thinking
through follow-up questions, such as, "Why is that the obedient thing to do?" or "Is that something that's hard for you sometimes?"

Make staff and volunteer meetings fun! Go camping, have a barbecue, or host a holiday party.

Lesson #10 --Dave Won't Cave

Large Group Teachers, Goliath's part is one of few lines, so this may be a good opportunity for someone who is new
to being up front. The part of Goliath should be played in such a way that the kids will think he is powerful and intimidating,
but not too scary.

Administrators, the "Courage to Follow God!" Gameboards are used in Lessons 10 and 11.
Three gameboards are included in each curriculum kit. If you have more than three small groups, you can order additional gameboards by calling the Willow Creek Association at 1-800-570-9812.

Small Group Leaders, before beginning the "Courage to Follow God!" Game, be sure to review the places on the
gameboard with the kids so they understand what all of them are.

Leaders, appreciate and affirm your volunteers.

Volunteers, appreciate and affirm your leaders.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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