Grade 2/Grade 3

Spring Quarter

Lesson #1 - Incredible Change

Throughout the next four weeks, you will be doing science experiments during the Large Group Program. This week, if you
can't find glow-in-the-dark stars in stores, try ordering them from U.S. Toys, Oriental Trading Company, or Kipp Brothers.
These companies have mail-order catalogs.

If you store the Large Group Program glow-in-the-dark stars in the freezer before you use them, they will glow longer.

Instead of mounting the Small Group game onto file folders, you can photocopy it onto 11x 17-inch paper or cardstock.

Keep a pulse on the noise factor. Kids can often meet in Small Groups and have other Small Groups processing around them
with no problem. That same situation can bother adults. However, sometimes small kids' ears can't take loud music as easily as
older kids and adults.

Lesson #2 - Incredible Compassion

For the second Large Group experiment, you can use doughnut-shaped magnets. Slide one magnet on a pencil. When you put
the other one on and the two are repelled, it will look as if the second magnet is floating on air.

Small Group Leaders, if you¹d like to do an outing with your kids, you can relate the outing to this theme by taking them to a
children's museum or science fair.

As you plan and prepare for each weekend, remember not to let the "urgent" squeeze out the "important!"

Lesson #3 - Incredible Giving

If you're hesitant to break an egg on your teaching area during the Large Group Program, you can use a hard-boiled or plastic
egg instead.

Small Group Leaders, plan ahead for this lesson, because together, you will need to decide on a giving project.

This is God's project! You aren't in charge - He is! Place your children¹s ministry in God's mighty hands.

The two songs listed in this Large Group lesson are not on the Making It Connect CD. Please substitute "On-line" and
"Your Everlasting Love," which are on the CD. Or, as always, you can use some of your kids' favorites. hands.

Lesson #4 - Incredible Power

Large Group Teachers, to enhance this lesson, you could display a 3-D model of a human heart instead of using the heart
diagram provided in the lesson.

The Large Group Teacher is walking a fine line here between serious and funny. As this lesson deals with death, you need to have
serious moments in your Teach. However, try to keep the Pre-Teach and Post-Teach light and energetic so the lesson doesn't drag.

Small Group Leaders, allow kids to really let their imaginations run wild as they make up stories for the Picture Cards. If they're having a
difficult time getting started, ask questions like, "How is this person feeling? Why is he doing that?"

As a staff member, one of your most important jobs is caring for your volunteers. Encourage them when you see them and if someone
has a bad experience, be sure to talk with that person and process through the situation together.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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