Grade 2/Grade 3

Spring Quarter

Lesson #5 -- The Last Supper: Washing of Feet

Large Group Teachers, if you¹ve never done a "reader's theater" before in your classroom, explain to the kids what is
happening before the Readers start. Explain that the readers don¹t each play the part of a character, but between the
four Readers, they will tell the story.

Readers, think of this script as a dramatic presentation. Speak with energy and expression. Hold the script in your hands, up
and out from your face, so kids can see your facial expressions. Look up from your script often and make eye contact with kids
in the group.

Small Group Leaders, this week, you will do a serving project. A Parent Letter has gone home explaining this, but as kids enter
Activity Stations, remind parents about the project. If kids might get dirty, have them wear paint smocks.

Gather stories about kids whose lives have been changed through your ministry, and keep them on file. These stories will provide
encouragement for your team and be great tools for casting the vision of your ministry to parents, church leadership, and potential

Lesson #6 -- You Should Have Seen It!

Teachers, encourage kids to bring their friends this week, as the video tells the story of Christ¹s last days on earth.

Small Group Leaders, there is no Small Group Time on Easter Sunday, so if you want to bring Easter treats for your group,
bring them this week. Tell your kids if you'll be absent on Easter Sunday, so they know what to expect.

Use fun, current music throughout the ministry hour. Watch the older kids closely during music time to see what they enjoy
and what they don't, and make changes accordingly.

Lesson #7 -- Three Days Later

Often, churches don't have enough volunteers on major holidays, as people travel and host guests. Therefore, there is no
Small Group Time in this Easter lesson. There is a simple Pre-Teach for one Teacher, and the Teach section is provided for you
on video.

Directors, find out which volunteers will be present, and divide up tasks accordingly. To help you further, the same video is
presented in Grades 2/3 and Grades 4/5 this week, so you can combine the classes.

You'll notice this lesson's Pre-Teach is 30 minutes long. Enjoy this time. Take time to sing some of your kids' favorite songs, instead
of or in addition to the songs listed.

Small Group Leaders, if you¹ll be absent Easter Sunday, you may want to call or send notes to your kids during the following week,
letting them know you missed them and you¹re thinking about them.

Create volunteer positions that line up with people's skills and abilities. For example, if there is someone in your church who loves
garage sales, recruit that person to be the "ministry garage saler." Be sure he or she has a running list of supplies you need‹lightly used
toys, art supplies, containers, small tables, costumes, fun hats, etc. Or, recruit a "gopher." This might be someone who wants to be
involved in the ministry, but needs extra shepherding from you, or it isn¹t ready to take on a group of kids. This person could help set up
and tear down, run errands, do last minute details, and fill in where needed.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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