Grade 2/Grade 3

Spring Quarter

Lesson #8-- The Greatest Adventure

Pray, pray, pray before you do this lesson, as kids will be hearing the salvation message!

The Large Group Lesson lists several options for creating the Adventure Boxes. Since this is the salvation message, give your
very best to the kids by making these boxes the biggest, best, most colorful way possible. If you have a large teaching area, you can
cover large carpet blocks with fabric, or build your own large wooden blocks.

To enhance the lesson, use adventurous-sounding music as kids enter and exit the teaching area. You might try "Prologue" and
"The Great Adventure" from Steven Curtis Chapman¹s The Great Adventure CD or "The Raiders March" from the Raiders of the
Lost Ark CD.

Small Group Leaders, get together and start a "ministry mail" table. Collect postcards, stamps, and a list of kids' addresses and
birthdays. Immediately after Small Group Time, you can take a few minutes to write and address cards to children who were
absent or have birthdays. Take turns mailing the cards.

Lesson #9-- Peter: Rock of the Church

Directors, consider having kids evaluate your year. Meet with a few of the kids in your ministry and ask them questions. For example,
"Did you feel safe?" or "What was your favorite time?" Or, create a list of evaluation questions based on your ministry values, and
have Small Group Leaders discuss them with the kids in their groups.

Administrators, photocopy Phrase Cards on one color cardstock, and Devotion Cards on a different color. It will help Small Group
Leaders tell them apart.

Meet with your church board and pastor to share the vision, structure, and progress of your ministry. Walk them through the curriculum.
Share your goals and dreams for next year, and discuss how you can meet those goals. They might be able to help you find a good
database system or the money for a TV/VCR.

Lesson #10-- Community

Large Group Teachers, the story this week is continued from last week. If you have several new kids this week, do an in-depth review
of last week's lesson.

If you don¹t have dice for Small Groups to use, cut out squares of construction paper, and number them 1-6. Put them in a small paper
bag. Instead of rolling a die, kids draw a paper out of the bag.

Be ready to laugh! Don't stress out if you feel like you messed up or if the lesson doesn't go well - that's when you learn!

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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