Grade 2/Grade 3

Spring Quarter

Lesson #11 -- Evangelism

Teachers, listen to the audio tape, "Leading Children to Christ" included in your curriculum kit before you teach this lesson. It will
help you as you discuss evangelism with your kids.

Small Group Leaders, enjoy your time with your kids this week! After this week, you have only two more lessons until the end of the
curriculum year!

Again, if you don't have dice for Small Groups to use, follow the idea in the Lesson 10 tips.

Be intentional about creating community between volunteers. For example, volunteers in a grade level may want to become a Small
Group of adults.

Lesson #12-- The Early Church Keeps On going

Directors, only one more week to go in the Spring Quarter curriculum! Begin to hand out the evaluation sheets found in the
Director's Notebook. Give people incentive for turning them in, such as coffee shop or fast food gift certificates. Use the comments as you
plan for next year. Congratulations on your successful ministry year!

Teachers, since next week's lesson is lengthy, take the opportunity this week to thank all the volunteers who have helped make this
program successful.

Small Group Leaders, you might want to plan an end-of-the-year activity outside of church with your Small Group to celebrate your
year together.

Small Group Leaders, as a note of clarification, when you begin this activity with the kids, they should try to put their puzzle pieces
together picture-side up.

Just for fun, consider asking leaders to celebrate the end of the year by dressing alike this weekend. They might wear the same color t-shirts
or even come up with costumes that fit this unit's "Built to Last" theme.

Lesson #13-- Making It Connect Review

Teachers, practice this lesson on your teaching area with the review board, so you are prepared to keep the lesson moving. If you do not
finish the game in time, stop the game anyway and release the kids to their Small Groups for their end-of-the-year celebrations.

Teachers, if you did not use the Fall and Winter Quarter Making It Connect curriculum, make up questions for the game based on what
kids learned.

Small Group Leaders, as a fun way for your group to stay in touch over the summer, bring ten (or the number of kids in your group)
stamped postcards for each child in your Small Group. Have each child fill out all ten cards with his/her name and address (or bring them addressed).
Have kids give one postcard to each child in the group. Over the summer, kids can write a quick note, then send the cards to one another!

Mark this moment! On this last day of Promiseland for this school year, take the time to do something special. Hand out small gifts or treats,
hang a mural, or take a group picture to mark the end of this year.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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