Grade 4/Grade 5

Spring Quarter

Lesson #4 - The Last Supper

Administrators, the spiritual journal (pages 31-33 in your Administrator's Guidebook) may not align correctly when copied two-sided.
A suggestion, if this is the case, is to photocopy each page of the journal separately. Cut out each section, and arrange into a booklet.
The way this would look is: the first page would be the cover, the second page would be 1 (The Last Supper), the third page would
be 2 (The Last Day), the fourth page would be 3 (The Last Word) and the fifth page would be 4 (Three Days Later). You might tie
the journal together by punching holes at the top and bottom and fasten it with string, or staple it.

Small Group Leaders, your church may have different ways of taking communion than what is described in the lesson.
Demonstrate communion with the elements used in your church.

Large Group Teachers, the lessons in this unit can be done using only one teacher. If you choose to use only one, make sure that you
rehearse these lessons ahead of time, keeping a careful eye on transitions that may be awkward.

As a staff member, one of your most important jobs is caring for your volunteers. Encourage them when you see them and if someone
has a bad experience, be sure to talk with that person and process through the situation together.

Lesson #5 - The Last Day

Large Group Teachers, consider turning off some of the lights and using glow-in-the-dark stars and moons to set the atmosphere
of the night-time setting in the garden. These can be purchased at craft stores or toy stores. U.S. Toy (1-800-255-6124) has a great selection.

Large Group Teachers, check your local library for sound effect CDs before purchasing a CD. They may have the sound of a rooster
crowing for this lesson, as well as the sound of an earthquake or thunderstorm for Lesson 6.

You may have a child with special needs in your ministry. Communicate and work with the child's parents so that the child feels welcomed
and comfortable. You may also want to communicate with the other kids in your ministry, letting them know that this child is wonderfully
created by God, is the same as each of them yet different at the same time, and is a friend they want to have.

Gather stories about kids whose lives have been changed through your ministry, and keep them on file. These stories will provide encouragement
for your team and be great tools for vision casting.

Lesson #6 - The Last Word

A helpful way to serve each volunteer in your ministry and help them see the ministry hour clearly is to provide a schedule of each part
of the hour. Explain on this schedule how the Large Group and Small Group pieces fit together.

Large Group Teachers, options you might consider for the crown of thorns prop are garland, fake greenery from a flower store, grapevine
wreath, or twigs.

Small Group Leaders, for kids who might want to know more about what the Bible says about salvation, have them look up the following
verses: John 3:16, Romans 3:23, and Romans 6:23. 4. Use fun, current music. Watch the older kids closely during music time to see what
they enjoy and what they don't, and make changes accordingly.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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