Grade 4/Grade 5

Spring Quarter

Lesson #7 - Three Days Later

Small Group Leaders, encourage kids to bring a friend this week. Let them know that they don't want to miss the dynamic
story of Easter.

Large Group Teachers, create a movie atmosphere. Bring popcorn and candy for the kids to munch on while they watch the video.

Decorate your room for Easter - make it festive! Remind the kids that this is a day to celebrate!

Create volunteer positions that line up with people's skills and abilities. For example, if there is someone in your church who
loves garage sales, recruit that person to be the "ministry garage-saler." Be sure he or she has a running list of supplies you
need-lightly used toys, art supplies, containers, small tables, costumes, fun hats, etc. Or, recruit a "gopher." This might be
someone who wants to be involved in the ministry, but needs extra shepherding from you, or isn't ready to take on a group
of kids. This person could help set up and tear down, run errands, do last minute details, and fill in where needed.

Lesson #8 - The Mission/Pentecost

Large Group Teachers, don't get discouraged if you are having difficulty finding kids for the roles of Team History Makers.
Pray that God would bring kids forward after you have made your request clearly known to your congregation. Consider
meeting with the high school kids on the day they meet at your church, and let them know the important role they can play for
five weeks

Administrators, if you don't have dice, you might use small pieces of paper, each having a number (1-6) written on it for the
History Makers game.

Administrators, a great and easy game piece you can use are wire caps. They come in all different colors and can be found at
a hardware store.

Small Group Leaders, get together and start a "ministry mail" table. Collect postcards, stamps, and a list of kids' addresses and
birthdays. Immediately after Small Group Time, you can take a few minutes to write and address cards to children who were absent
or have birthdays. Take turns mailing the cards.

Lesson #9 - Peter

Large Group Teachers, a shirt you might use for Peter could be made out of burlap that slips over a person's head easily. Look
around your church for costumes used in other lessons or ministries. A shirt, vest, or piece of material that looks like something
worn in biblical-times would work well.

Large Group Teachers, if the Team History Makers are having difficulty memorizing their lines, have them place their lines in a black
folder. Encourage them not to simply read their lines with their eyes focused on the words, but to place themselves in the setting.
Have them put their lines in their own words.

Large Group Teachers, you might ask your Greeter, Administrator, or someone else who is not playing a direct role during Large Group
Time to assist with video.

Meet with your church board and pastor to share the vision, structure, and progress of the ministry. Walk them through the curriculum.
Share your goals and dreams for next year, and discuss how you can meet those goals. They might be able to help you find a good
database system or the money for a TV/VCR.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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