Kindergarten/Grade 1

Spring Quarter

Lesson #1 - Sermon on the Mount: Prayer

Congratulations! You're beginning Spring Quarter-the final quarter of Looking at the Pieces. Take a moment to think
about how your ministry has changed and grown over the past year, and thank God for the ways He has worked in your life
and the lives of your team members.

Be sure to have your Looking at the Pieces Puzzle ready to go and displayed in the Large Group area for this first lesson
of the Spring Quarter. Consider how you might display the puzzle differently than you did the previous quarters' puzzles
-for example, hang all of the completed pieces around your room and place each piece into the puzzle at the beginning or
end of its corresponding lesson.

Administrators, the "Anytime, Anywhere, Anything" game calls for game markers. These can be any kind of game markers
or chips you have on hand from existing games, or you can make them out of colored cardstock or paper or other materials
you have on hand.

Keep a pulse on the noise factor. Kids can often meet in Small Groups and have other Small Groups processing around them
with no problem. That same situation can bother adults. However, sometimes small kids' ears can't take loud music as easily as
older kids and adults.

Lesson #2 - Sermon on the Mount: Giving To Others

Large Group Teachers, be sure to recruit the actors for this unit two or three weeks in advance. You can use the same actors
throughout the unit, or use different actors for different lessons. Choose people who are comfortable being in front of the kids,
and who can commit the time needed to prepare and perform.

Small Group Leaders, take time each week to talk to your kids about their lives-what happened last week and what they are
anticipating in the upcoming week. A big part of intentional shepherding is knowing your kids and developing a growing friendship
with them.

Administrators, you may need to recruit an additional person to help you cut out the Giving Banks since you will need to do the
cutting with scissors rather than a paper cutter. If you are too short on time or help to cut out all the banks, consider cutting out and
taping together sample banks for the Small Group Leaders to show their kids. Then have the Leaders instruct the kids to have an
adult help them cut out and tape together the bank at home. 4. As you plan and prepare for each weekend, remember to not let the
"urgent" squeeze out the "important."

Lesson #3 - Sermon on the Mount: Do Not Worry

Large Group Teachers, remember to put motions with whatever songs you have the kids sing. Kindergartners and 1st Graders
love to move around to music. Motions will give them a chance to do this, as well as help them remember the words to the songs.

Small Group Leaders, when the kids are given a chance to share their own worries, be sure to listen closely and respond appropriately
to them. After sharing their worries, kids may need acknowledgement that their worry is real, affirmation that God will help them with
their situation, and some words of encouragement or even a hug.

Administrators, please note that the Worry Target gameboard will work best if it is enlarged to 11" x 17". Because they're still developing
their eye-hand and finger coordination, this larger size will give the kids a better opportunity to score points during the game.

This is God's project! You aren't in charge-He is! Place your children's ministry in God's mighty hands.

Lesson #4 - Sermon on the Mount: Shine for Jesus!

Large Group Teachers, consider using a halogen work lamp for the spotlight used in this week's program. Experiment with this ahead
of time to determine how it will best work in your room. If this is not an option for you, brainstorm other ways you can "spotlight"
the person who was shining for Jesus in each of the examples. Other options might include having that person stand up and take a bow
or put on a gold or yellow hat. Whatever option you choose, be sure carry it over into the Post-Teach as well.

Small Group Leaders, if your kids are especially interested in the flashlight, it may be best to give them all a chance to experiment with
it for a few moments before beginning the game. Explain that they need to be careful with the light and not shine it into anyone's eyes.

Administrators, this week's Small Group activity calls for at least one flashlight per group. You'll likely be able to borrow enough
flashlights from church staff, volunteers, members of your congregation, neighbors, and friends. Be sure to label the flashlights so you
can get them back to their owners, and check to see that they are all in working order. You may want to have a few extra batteries
on hand during the lesson.

As a staff member, one of your most important jobs is caring for your volunteers. Encourage them when you see them and if someone
has a negative experience, be sure to talk with that person and process through the situation together.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references the Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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