Kindergarten/Grade 1

Spring Quarter

Lesson #9 -- The Rocky Road

Large Group Teachers, Lessons 9-11 are provided for you on video. Be sure to reserve a TV/VCR so you have it for these lessons.
Darken the room, if possible, when you show the video, and be sure you have a large enough screen or enough TVs for the number
of kids in your room.

Small Group Leaders, take some time during Kid Connection Continues . . . to intentionally shepherd your kids. Ask each child,
"How might you need to trust God this week?" Talk about their answers with them and jot them down. Pray for the kids during the
week, and then follow up with them next time you see them.

Administrators, the Small Group activities for Lessons 9-12 involve two-sided booklet pages. If you plan to use the duplexing
feature on your photocopier, you will need to make a master page first (due to the smaller size page that results when you tear the page
out of the book at the perforation). As each copier is different, you will need to experiment with yours to find what method works best.

Meet with your church board and pastor to share the vision, structure, and progress of the ministry. Walk them through the curriculum.
Share your goals and dreams for next year, and discuss how you can meet those goals. They might be able to help you find a good
database system or the money for a TV/VCR.

Lesson #10 -- Rescue Me!

Large Group Teachers, since Lessons 9-11 are provided for you on video, you and your Large Group team will have a three-week
break! Use this time to rest and to prepare for the final two lessons of the year.

Small Group Leaders, take some time during Kid Connection Continues . . . to intentionally shepherd your kids. Ask each child,
"How might you need God to protect you this week?" Talk about their answers with them and jot them down. Pray for the kids
during the week, and then follow up with them next time you see them.

Administrators, follow the booklet assembly instructions on page 61 of the Small Group Leader's Guidebook. If you do not have
an extended-size stapler that will reach to the "spine" of the booklet, you can simply fold the booklets. Even without staples, they will
stay together fairly well.

Be ready to laugh! Don't stress out if you feel like you messed up or if the lesson doesn't go well-that's when you learn!

Lesson #11 -- Jailhouse Rock

Large Group Teachers, as you prepare for Lesson 12, watch the video of Lessons 9-11 for staging and costume ideas. Recruit
people in advance, and begin to gather props. Although one adult and two kids are used in the video, you should feel free to adjust
the parts to fit your team (the script will work with three adults, or two adults and a student, etc.). Also, remember that all props
are non-negotiable-use items that you already have on hand or that are easily accessible to you.

Small Group Leaders, during today's Kid Connection time you'll be sharing about a time when you were afraid. Think of an age-appropriate
example the kids can relate to, that will not be too scary for them. For example, maybe you lost your dog and were afraid you wouldn't
be able to find him, or you were in bed during a storm and were afraid of the thunder, or you had to go to a new school and were afraid
you might not make any new friends.

Administrators, be aware that the Jailhouse Rocks Sheet (page 85 of the Administrator's Guidebook) includes two sets of rocks. Each
child will only need a half-sheet (four rocks) for the activity. 4. Be intentional about creating community between volunteers.
Volunteers in one grade level may want to become a Small Group of adults.

Lesson #12 -- Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Large Group Teachers, this is your week to be the "God Cares For Me" Storytellers! Rehearse with you team and watch the video
of Lessons 9-11 to help you with the upbeat pacing and high-energy tone of the script.

2. Administrators, you may want to photocopy the ships onto cardstock for this week's Small Group activity. Cardstock will prevent the
mast of the ship from being floppy. If you would like to enlarge the ships, you can still use cardstock, as it is available in the 11" x 17" size.
Keep in mind that cardstock is more difficult to cut than regular paper-especially for kids. If you choose to use cardstock, consider enlisting
a few volunteers to do some or all of the cutting rather than having the kids do all the cutting during Small Group Time.

Small Group Leaders, next week is the last lesson of Looking at the Pieces. Be sure to let your kids know they won't want to miss next
week. Tell them it will be a fun time of looking at all the pieces of God's story they learned about this year, and there will be a special
celebration time in Small Group.

Just for fun, consider asking leaders to dress alike this weekend. They might wear the same color t-shirts or even come up with costumes
that fit the year's theme.

Lesson #13 -- Looking At The Pieces Review and Celebration

Congratulations! You made it to the very last week of Looking at the Pieces! Give your very best to the kids as you celebrate with
them all the pieces of God's story they have learned this year. Locate or make your Review Lesson Clue Display Prop, hang all three
of your puzzles (one from each quarter), and cue up that Victory Dance music one more time!

Large Group Teachers, the program's "Ultimate Teaching Moment" reviews the entire year of Looking at the Pieces, so there is a
lot of material to cover. Talk with great expression and energy and prompt the kids for their responses as indicated in the script-this
will help kids focus and remember the different stories they learned throughout the year.

Small Group Leaders, note this lesson's schedule changes and celebration ideas, which are outlined in your Small Group Leader's
Guidebook. Be sure you plan ahead for your Small Group Celebration time and decide how you would like to affirm each child and
celebrate with your group as a whole.

Mark the moment! On this last day of Promiseland, take the time to do something special. Hand out a small gift of treat, hang a mural,
or take a group picture to mark the end of this first year.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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