Grade 2/Grade 3

Winter Quarter

Lesson #7 -- The Disciples

The entire Pre-Teach, Teach, and Post-Teach sections of Large Group are on video this week! Enjoy the video, and use it to
get teaching style, staging, and costume ideas for the coming weeks.

Administrators, if you are using plastic chips for the Small Group activity, be sure the Small Groups have approximately sixty chips.
That number does not need to be exact.

Administrators, if you have several small groups, you can put sheets of cardstock and scissors into the Small Group Leaders bins,
and allow the kids to spend the first few minutes of Small Group time cutting their own chips.

Keep a running list of open positions in your ministry. Keep your eyes open for potential volunteers with the right gifts for the
positions. You may be able to fill some positions with volunteers you already have. For example, an administrator may discover
he or she has a shepherding gift and would rather lead a Small group of kids.

Lesson #8-- Matthew Follows Jesus

Large Group Teachers, if you didn't see the Large Group video last week, watch it to get staging and costume ideas.

Small Group Leaders, this is your first week of a game called "The Challenge!" You will be competing against other
Small Groups for points over the next few weeks. Try to foster a sense of community and teamwork throughout this game.

Administrators, if you do not have Hula Hoops, you can change the activity to fit equipment you have. For example, have
the kids whistle a certain tune, or make paper airplanes and fly them a certain distance. Be sure to communicate these changes
to Small Group Leaders.

Pray, pray, pray!

Lesson #9-- Jesus and Peter Walk On Water

The Large Group Pre-Teach for Lesson 9 features walking on a low balance beam. This activity was chosen to illustrate trust.
You can change this to another trust activity if you would like.

Large Group Teachers, if you are comfortable doing the "trust" activity yourself, you can do this lesson without an assistant.

Administrators, this week, kids receive Code Cards, and Decoders. These are set up to be photocopied back-to-back, but it is
best if you put the Code Cards and Decoders on separate paper. If they are back-to-back, kids have to constantly flip over their
Code Cards to look at the Decoders.

How many times have you heard the words, "I'¹m bored" or "This is stupid" in the past few months? Probably not many!
Most likely your kids are excited to come to your ministry each week‹you¹re doing a great job serving them!

Lesson #10-- The Unforgiving Servant

Large Group Teachers, this week uses the Mission Unstoppable CD several times, so practice the lesson with the CD Assistant,
so he/she is familiar with your cues.

The Large Group optional drama will greatly enhance your lesson! If you don¹t have any pre-teens or teens with drama flair at your
church, you may want to ask two girls to read the drama instead.

Small Group Leaders, the Kid Connection question this week is, "Have you ever been hurt by another person? What happened?"
This question might cause some kids to feel too vulnerable. Respect those feelings and don't prod kids to share. Also, if a child
shares something that concerns you, report it to your director right away.

Recruit "project volunteers" who can help out just for one or two lessons. They could do special art or music projects.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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