Grade 2/Grade 3

Winter Quarter

Lesson #11 -- The Lord's Prayer: Part 1 - Talking to God

Large Group Teachers, this lesson has a few different sections. You might want to make an outline to remind you of the order
of events. Refer to it throughout the teaching time.

Small Group Leaders, to help kids remember today's lesson, have them write the word "DATA" on the backs of their
Bible Verse Cards before they leave for the day.

Small Group Leaders, send notes to your kids and tell them you care about them.
Celebrate their birthdays and special events.

Lesson #12-- The Lord's Prayer: Part 2 - Listening to God

Large Group Teachers, if you didn't teach Lesson 11, read it thoroughly before you prepare to teach Lesson 12. These two
lessons go hand-in-hand. The Delivery Person included in this Large Group teaching time should act like a secret agent, making
a quick entry and exit. Don't act silly or ad-lib, as this will take the focus off of the lesson.

Small Group Leaders, this lesson mentions a group prayer journal. If you choose to use one in your group, bring a small notebook
and leave it in your group's supply bin each week.

Don't wait until the end of the year to share good news with your congregation. If your attendance doubles, for example, this
is great news! Tell them right away!

Lesson #13-- Making It Connect Review

Congratulations! You have made it to the last week of the Winter Quarter Promiseland curriculum. Take some time to think
about ways in which God has blessed the people in your ministry this year.

Large Group Teachers, enjoy the review game by creative a fun, festive mood in your classroom.

Small Group Leaders, there is no formal Small Group time this week. Your group will participate in a Large Group game for the hour.

Directors, don't take yourself or your program too seriously. Expect the unexpected, and learn to laugh when things don't go as planned.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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