Grade 4/Grade 5

Winter Quarter

Lesson #1 - The Messiah Arrives

Large Group Teachers, a creative way to get kids involved who like to sing and do not have a part in the play is to
have them come up front and sing "O Come Immanuel" instead of playing the song on a CD player.

Large Group Teachers, applaud and cheer for all those who participated in the play after the Final Show.

Small Group Leaders, during Kid Connection Continues, you will discuss what kids hope to do for their Small Group
celebration in two weeks. Take a vote. Start thinking now about any preparations or supplies you might need.

Don¹t get discouraged if long-term volunteers seem confused by this new model, or want to drop out of the ministry.
Take time to explain the program and cast a vision for what your ministry could look like.

Lesson #2 - Christmas Forgotten

Kids might enjoy decorating a Christmas tree for the Large Group room as one of their activities during Activity Stations.

Large Group Teachers, this week K/1 and 2/3 grades can watch the video together.
Consider the space where kids will watch the video, as well as providing more than one TV or large screen for kids to watch it.

Small Group Leaders, challenge your kids to read the Christmas story with their parents at home this Christmas.

A great way to help others in your congregation catch your vision and join your team is to ask your pastor to encourage people to
peek their heads in to see what is going on in the children¹s ministry.

Lesson #3 - Small Group Celebration

Large Group Teachers, you might create motions to go with the songs to get kids involved who tend to drift easily.
Have them come up front to lead the motions with you.

Small Group Leaders, sit with your Small Group during the Music Celebration and encourage them to sing along.
Seeing you sing will encourage them to sing, too!

Small Group Leaders, as you have your Christmas Celebration with your kids, tell each child how special they are.
Be attentive to kids who are having a hard day or may not feel special. Make a point to encourage them even more!

To create one-mindedness for your volunteers, have volunteer meetings.
Talk about expectations, what the hour looks like before, during, and after the program, and what benefits will come from their efforts.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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