Kindergarten/Grade 1

Winter Quarter

Lesson #1 - Good News: A Special Delivery

Be sure to have your Looking at the Pieces Puzzle ready to go and displayed in the Large Group area for this first lesson
of the Winter Quarter.
Consider how you might display the puzzle differently than the Fall Quarter puzzle-for example, for each unit, hang the four pieces that
go with the current unit around your room or from the ceiling, and place them into the puzzle at the end of the unit.

Creating a bedroom scene in your teaching area may feel overwhelming. Use what's easily accessible to you to make it work.
For example, you can spread a comforter out on the floor to serve as the bed. Enlist several people to bring in stuffed animals,
pillows, and other bedroom items from home.

Small Group Leaders, read through the two activity options and decide which one will work best for your group.
If your kids are more interactive and imaginative, they will probably enjoy Activity A, in which they get to act out the story with their characters.

Don't get discouraged if long-term volunteers seem confused by this new model, or want to drop out of the ministry.
Take time to explain the program and cast a vision for what your ministry could look like.

Lesson #2 - Christmas Forgotten

This week's Large Group Program is provided for you on video and is the same for all three grade levels
(this is also the case with Lesson #4).
Determine ahead of time if you will be combining the grade levels for the Large Group Time and be sure you have enough space and
video monitors or screens to accommodate all the kids.

Small Group Leaders, feel free to sit with your kids during the video in Large Group. You may need to help keep kids quiet, especially if you're joining kids from another grade level to watch the video.

Small Group Leaders, the Christmas Shapes Activity may be a difficult one for some kids to grasp.
Be patient and have fun with them as you help them figure out how to form each of the shapes.

A great way to help others in your congregation catch your vision and join your team is to ask your pastor to encourage people to peek
their head in to see what's going on in the children's ministry.

Lesson #3 - Make A Joyful Noise

Large Group Teachers, this week's shortened program is intended to be a simple review of the Christmas story and a short time of worship.
Think through which songs, Christmas or otherwise, your kids will most enjoy singing to God, and use those during the program.

Large Group Teachers, if you're using a video to review the Christmas story, enlist the help of a volunteer to turn the lights on and off at
the appropriate times.
Darkening the room when you show the video clips will help kids focus on them, but you probably don't want them singing in the dark!

Small Group Leaders, feel free to expand on the celebration ideas listed in your book. Think through the personalities of the kids in
your group, their interests, and their likes and dislikes, and do one or two things you know they will enjoy.

If you're still getting to know your kids and not sure what to do, the birthday party for Jesus might be your best bet-most kids love birthday parties!

To create one-mindedness for your volunteers, have volunteer meetings. Talk about expectations, what the hour looks like before, during,
and after the program, and what benefits will come from their efforts.

Lesson #3 - It's Christmas Night ... Do You Know What's Missing?

This week's Large Group Program is provided for you on video. How about creating a movie theater atmosphere for the kids?

Print up tickets they receive as they check-in and have to present before entering the Large Group area, and provide
a snack for the kids to each during the video.

You may have additional kids visiting your ministry this week. Be prepared to welcome them during Activity Stations time and include them in a Small Group. Determine which Small Group Leaders will be here this week and which ones can take visiting kids into their groups.

Small Group Leaders, you end the group this week by asking the kids what they will do to celebrate Christmas with their families.
Jot down their answers so you can follow up with them next time you see them.

Process through mistakes as a team. Be open and laugh about the times the lessons bombed.
Take time to huddle together each week to share your experiences and support one another.

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references the Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

We know that the best hints and ideas will come from YOU!
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