Kindergarten/Grade 1

Winter Quarter

Lesson #5 -- Extraordinary Baby

Large Group Teachers, be sure to refer to the "Puppet Resource" card included in the curriculum kit, for puppet suggestions as well as
the information you will need should you choose to order Spot.

Large Group Teachers, consider using a microphone for your puppeteer so the kids can hear what Spot is saying.

Small Group Leaders, follow up with your kids on their Christmas celebrations.
Use the list you made last week to help jog your memory as to what each child was doing during the Christmas holiday.

Administrators, if you will be using the stick puppets for the Large Group Program, you may need to recruit an extra person or two to
help you assemble and decorate the figures. This is a great time to involve people who are only available on a project-by-project basis.

To create anticipation and excitement, change the look of your rooms from unit to unit.

Lesson #6 -- Extraordinary Boy

Large Group Teachers, tape the puppeteers' lines behind the puppet stage so the he or she doesn't have to memorize the script.

Encourage the puppeteer to be very familiar with the script so he or she can follow you, even if you don't stick to the
script word-for-word.

Large Group Teachers, this unit features several audio components, such as the weekly Wrap-Up Songs and this week's readings set to music.
If you don't usually have a sound assistant, consider recruiting a student helper or other volunteer to be your sound assistant
for these four weeks.

Small Group Leaders, use the Kid Connection Continues . . . question as an opportunity to affirm and encourage the children
in your Small Group.

Always be on the lookout for ways to affirm who they are now and encourage them in their dreams of who they might become
as they get older.

When you "cast vision," you are painting a picture of what your ministry could look like. Discuss the goals, purpose, and direction of the ministry, as well as what the day-to-day will look like. Vision "leaks" and people start to forget it, so remind them of your vision throughout the year.

As you continue casting the vision, it will spread to your pastor, volunteers, parents, church board, and congregation.

Lesson #7 -- Ordinary Followers

Large Group Teachers, determine ahead of time how you will display and draw on the Followers of Jesus Diagram.
Be sure it will be large enough for all the kids to see as you draw on it during the teaching time. If you're not able to make a large
enough photocopy, consider copying it onto a transparency and using an overhead projector to trace it onto a large piece of paper
or poster board. If you will have access to the overhead projector during the lesson, you could display the diagram that way.

Large Group Teachers, practice drawing on the Followers of Jesus Diagram as you say the lines from the script so it will flow smoothly
during the actual presentation.

Small Group Leaders, when this lesson's activity sheet is completed, it should say "Jesus Follower." If the children have difficulty coming up with answers to the questions, help them by asking additional questions such as, "Why would that person need help?" or "How could you help that person?" or by letting the whole group answer the question together.

Keep a running list of open positions in your ministry.
Keep your eyes open for potential volunteers with the right gifts for the positions.
You may be able to fill some positions with volunteers you already have, for example, an administrator may discover he or she has a
shepherding gift and would rather lead a Small Group of kids.

Lesson #7 -- Extraordinary Love

Large Group Teachers, at the end of the teaching time you will point to kids in the audience for Spot to look at.
You will need to coordinate this ahead of time so the puppeteer knows in which direction to put Spot's head.
You can help guide Spot's head to help him to look in the right direction, too.

Administrators, for this week's activity, it may be helpful to make one fully assembled slide show as a sample for the Small Group Leaders. Show them the sample at your meeting prior to the lesson or post it in a central place where they can all see it, perhaps in the same place that they pick up their supplies.

Small Group Leaders, this week's activity provides another opportunity for you to learn about and encourage the kids in your group.
Pay close attention as each child shares his or her slide show with the rest of the group. If a child says she loves horses, find her a card with a horse on it for her next birthday. If a child says he's learning to tie his shoes, follow up with him in a couple weeks to see how it's going.

Pray, pray, pray!

On the "Leading Children to Christ" audio tape included in each kit, David Stahl, references Appendix A and B
information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

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