Each Promiseland Curriculum Kit includes an audio cassette tape titled, " Leading Children to Christ".
The speaker, David Stahl, references the following information from handouts that were distributed during the recorded session.

Appendix A.

Example of Gospel explanation:

Do you remember how God can do everything and see everything? Well, that means He can see all the
things we do, even the things that aren’t nice. He also knows when we are saying stuff that isn’t nice,
and even when we’re not thinking nice things. All of that really disappoints God because He doesn’t
think it’s okay for us to do anything wrong. Can you imagine all the wrong stuff you or I do ?
No matter if we get caught or not ? it means we should be in a lot of trouble. So much trouble that one day
when we die, we wouldn’t be allowed in heaven ? that would be sad, wouldn’t it? But that’s where Jesus
helps us out. He never did anything wrong, but He still agreed to be in trouble with God for all the things
that we did wrong. It’s like He agreed to take all the spankings and time-outs for what other people had done.
Can you imagine how many that would be? Do you know how He had to do it? He had to actually die hanging
on a cross. But He didn’t stay dead, which is how He can be with us today. And the real good news is that
what He did will count for all the bad things you and I do, if we just ask Him to forgive us and to always be
our friend, helping us figure out how to do good stuff.

Appendix B.

Promiseland Parent Call Guide:

In Promiseland, whenever a leader has had the opportunity to be with a child as they accept Jesus as their
Lord and Savior, we ask for the leader to contact the child’s parent either in person after Promiseland
or via telephone within 5 days of the decision. We realize that each telephone call will be different, so we
have prepared this guide to assist you in preparing for the calls.

• When the parent answers, identify yourself as their child’s small group leader. Be sure to say the child’s
name when speaking with the parents. Many families have multiple children in Promiseland.

• Explain to the parent that during the weekend program in Promiseland, the Gospel story of Jesus had
been shared with their child, including an explanation of how we can become friends of Jesus. Explain that
their child decided to become a friend of Jesus this weekend.

• Ask if their child has already shared their decision with the parents.

• Explain what exactly their child’s decision consisted of: their child admitted that they have sinned and are
not perfect, that their child understood that because of sin, we are all separated from God. Their child heard
the story of Jesus and believed that Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to forgive them. Their child
chose to pray and accept Jesus and ask Him to become their Forever Friend.

• Share how happy you are to have played a role in helping their child to know more about Jesus.

• Ask the parent if they have any questions about their child’s decision. Suggest for the parent to discuss the
decision with their child.

• Be sure to thank them for their time. If the parents have questions that you cannot answer or if they would like
to speak to someone to gain additional information, assure them that you will have a staff person from Promiseland
call them. Contact your division leader or staff coach as soon as possible.

Possible Responses from Parents

• Parent may be joy-filled, excited, and affirming. Please be sure to explain how their child’s decision was reached.
Share as many details as possible with these joy-filled parents. They will want to know as much as possible.

• Parents may seem confused about what you are talking about. Tell these parents how happy you are to be in their
child’s life and that you want to help them as their child grows into a relationship with Jesus. Ask them if you can share
the details of how the child reached the decision. Tell them the decision their child made is the most important decision
anyone can ever make. These parents may have additional questions. Try to answer any questions they may have,
but if you are approached with a difficult question, tell them you can either find the answer for them, or you can have
a staff member call them. Be patient with these parents. Pray as you are speaking to them. Chances are high that they
are also seekers and will be learning from you as you share their child’s decision and the Gospel story. Thank them for
bringing their child to Promiseland. Assure them that we are here to serve them and their child.

• Parents may appear annoyed or upset. (This is the minority of calls.) You can usually pick this up in the first several
minutes of the call. If they appear busy, short, or not interested, ask them if it would be better for you to call back
at another time. If they want you to go ahead and talk, share with them the decision their child reached. Be very
concise and limit the number of details you choose to share. These parents may not appear excited even after you
share the news. Do not let this discourage you. Thank them for their time and let them know you are available if
any questions arise. Thank them for bringing their child to Promiseland.

On all calls, when you hang up, pray for the family of the child you just called. Ask for God to intervene in their lives in a mighty way. Ask for His blessing upon the child. Thank Him for the opportunity to be a conduit of His love to this child.