Looking at the Pieces
The songs on the CD repeat with
accompaniment tracks with
background vocals.

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Grades K/1: Your 5 and 6-year-olds will soon have new "favorite" songs as they hear and learn the music on the Looking At the Pieces music CD. Featuring music styles that range from high energy "get the wiggles out" to quiet "worship and prayer" songs, this music will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. When used to supplement the Looking At the Pieces curriculum, this CD will reinforce foundational Bible truths the children will be learning each week.

Click on a title to hear the song:
Lookin' at the Pieces
God Will Care For Me
O Jesus Loves Me So
Jesus is a Friend of Mine
The Wiggle Song
Jesus Loves Me
Tick Tick Tock
Jesus, I Love You

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